couples shoot prep


I can't wait to capture your silly love.

I want to make preparing for this shoot as easy as possible.

Don't know what to wear? I got you.

Don't know what to bring? I got you.

Nervous about being "awkward" in your photos? I got you.

"What do we wear?"


What TO wear:

I always like to stick with solid (or not heavily patterned) clothes, not vibrant colors.

Clothes with movement are always beautiful! Ex. a long flowy dress.

Don't wear something that isn't you, or isn't comfortable. You want to be able to have fun, not be worried about your outfit the whole time.

The reasoning behind this is so that nothing distracts from you being you, you being comfy, or the emotion in the photo. 

TIP: If you want to do things like piggy back rides, etc, pants are more practical for that!


"What should we


This session is all about capturing your love. YOU. 

If you two love starbucks, bring your fav drinks!

If you love pizza, bring a box and we'll lay out a quilt and you can have a little picnic in the shoot!

I want these photos to scream YOU and your love. Bring alllll the things that channel that.


"Girl, we are so awkward."

Please understand that I do NOT expect you to be models. I have never shot with a professional model before and all of my clients KILLLL IT. 

To loosen you up, I always play super fun music! The poses we will do include a lot of natural, fun movement. You will not be stiff statues. 

Don't stress and look over 1,000 Pinterest poses to try and get prepared. I've got you!

I can't wait to shoot with you and your boo. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

Make sure to take a quick look over the time and the location of our shoot on the contract and make sure to keep in mind that all of the times are in eastern time.