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The Ultimate Wedding Day Shot List

I get it, wedding planning is difficult and thinking of everything is impossible. So, you finally find the Wedding Photographer of your DREAMS, and you think "finally, one big thing knocked off the list." Then they ask for a shot list, and you immediately feel the pressure to make sure you get every single shot on that list that you'd like to have from the biggest day of your life.

Well, I'm here to help you ease the stress of the dreaded wedding day shot list. Below is just about every shot I can think of that you'd need of your wedding day, and tips to help you decide which ones you definitely need.

The ULTIMATE Wedding Day Shot List

Getting Ready - Bride/Bridesmaids

1. Bride makeup/hair done

2. Bridesmaids getting hair/makeup done

3. Bridesmaids praying over the Bride

4. Bride putting on her dress

5. Bride putting on jewelry

6. Bride & Bridesmaids laughing together

7. Bridesmaids admiring the Bride

Getting Ready - Grooms/Groomsmen

1. Groom tightening tie, putting on cologne, etc

2. Groomsmen tightening ties, putting on cologne, etc

3. Groom & Groomsmen together

(guys are easy)

The Details

1. The rings

2. The invitations

3. The brides jewelry

4. The viel

5. Grooms tie

6. Vows

7. Any other special items

8. All of the above together

9. Brides dress hung up

10. Any special gifts

11. Grooms suit hanging

First Look - Family (if applicable)

1. Bride + Bridesmaids

2. Grooms + Groomsmen

3. Bride + Mom

4. Bride + Dad

First Look - Bride & Groom (if applicable)

1. Creative shots of them together (this is where your Photog gets creative!)

PreWedding Bride

1. Bride with each bridesmaid

2. Bride with all bridesmaids

3. Flower girl

4. Flower Girl & Bride

5. Bride alone up close

6. Bride alone full body

7. Bride alone details of bouquet, makeup, jewelry, etc

PreWedding Groom

1. Groom with each Groomsmen

2. Groom with all Groomsmen

3. Ring Bearer

4. Groom + Ring Bearer

5. Groom alone up close

6. Groom alone full body

7. Groom outfit details, boutonniere, watch, etc

The Ceremony

1. The crowd

2. The immediate family of Bride+Groom

3. Bridesmaids/Groomsmen walking down

4. The Flower Girl

5. The Grooms reaction to the Bride

6. The Bride walking down the isle

7. Everyones reaction to the Bride

8. The Ring Bearer

9. The Vows

10. Any special events during the ceremony

11. The kiss

12. Bride + Groom walking down

13. Wedding Party walking down

PostWedding Bride

1. Bride + all Immediate family

2. Bride + Mom & Dad

3. Bride + Extended Family

4. Bride + Grandparents

5. Bride + anyone special in her life

PostWedding Groom

1. Groom + all Immediate family

2. Groom + Mom & Dad

3. Groom + Extended Family

4. Groom + Grandparents

5. Groom + anyone special in his life

PostWedding Combined

1. Bride + Groom combined family

2. Bride + Groom with Wedding Party

3. Bride + Groom with both Mom & Dads

4. Bride + Groom with both Grandparents

Together (if no first look)

1. Creative shots of them together (this is where your Photog gets creative!)

Reception Details

1. The cake

2. Decorations (florals, candles, etc)

3. Food

4. Favors

5. Guest Book


1. Guests eating/having fun

2. Bride and Groom arriving/entering

3. First dance

4. Any special dances

5. Everyone dancing

6. Speeches

7. The Bride and Groom exiting

WHEW, a lot, right? I bet you're thinking - how did this help me ease my stress?! This is SO MUCH info! Well, take a deep breath, print this out, mark out the ones you don't want, and write in the extras.

A couple of tips...

1. Be as specific as possible. This is just an overview, but being specific is going to help your photographer get a feel of exactly what you're looking for.

2. If you have a wedding planner, have them be there to help the Photographer get people together for family photos. These can often be the most stressful part of the day, and you want to have your big day be as stress free as possible. The quicker these go by, the quicker you can all celebrate together. If you don't have a wedding planner, have someone there that knows everyone to help.

3. Keep family photo groups minimal. On your day, you're not going to want to spend a ton of time getting family photos right after you say I do. So keeping these minimal, but still getting everyone in is ideal.

4. Don't stress about it. Your Photographer will use their creative discretion and catch a lot of details throughout the day that you wouldn't even think about.

I hope this has been helpful to you beautiful Brides out there trying to plan your dream wedding. Now, of course, I'd love to be able to be the one to capture the true love between you and your forever. Follow this link to get alllll the details about my packages and process.


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